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kitchen Towels

  • 1. For Cleaning and Drying Hands
  • 2. Removing grease on cookers and microwave ovens.
  • 3. Removing excess oil and water from utensils.
  • 4. Absorbing excess water from food before cooking.
  • 5. Wiping spills, cleaning of glassware, removing mud and grime from shoes and sandals.
  • Code Product Weight Color
    KITTW-180022 Kitchen Towels 1PLY 180 White
    KITTW-210022 Kitchen Towels 1PLY 210 White
    KITTW-275022 Kitchen Towels 1PLY 275 White
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    Bed Spread

    Bed spreads are widely being used at Hospitals, Laboratories, examination centers and clinics etc especially when patients are undergone ECG tests, ultrasound tests, Endoscopy tests, Laparoscopy and Colonoscopy tests etc.

    Code Product Width Color
    BEDTW-600023 Bed Spread 585mm White

    Multifold Handtowel

    If you are looking for N-Fold paper towels in a large quantity for a great price, you are in the right place. These Virgin grade hand drying towels are ideal for use in commercial restroom dispensers. This pack of N-Fold paper towels comes with 12 packs with 200 sheets in each pack for a total of 2,400 towels. When you are looking for paper towels, you want the highest quality, durable towels at an affordable price and that is exactly what you will get with these N-FOLD PAPER TOWELS, the customer comes first, and that is why we offer the lowest wholesale prices.

    Code Product Weight Color
    MULHT-023023 Multifold Handtowel 100 / 125 White

    SAL Pocket Tissue

    In order to keep pace with never ending demands of the customers, our company is instrumental in presenting an excellent quality assortment of Pocket Tissue paper. This pocket-size tissue paper size is small and you can carry it even in your pocket. ... This pocket tissue basically can be used for school going children and office going person and ladies as it can be placed in a clutch purse too. You can use this instead of a handkerchief.

    Code Product Size Color
    POCTI-019019 SAL Pocket Tissue 19 X 19 Pink / Blue